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No seriously.. holy shit.


by yak

submitted December 30th 2009

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This may be the most reposted clip on Mucho. Always fun. though.
9 years ago
I remember downloading this clip from Kazaa.
9 years ago
Reminds me of Cytherea.
9 years ago
come on yak you fucking slacker , these repost are getting less and less comments now
9 years ago
I thought Deja said he'd be back at the new year?
9 years ago
Some of us are "newb"er around here, who enjoy matching the title with the video, and then laughing accordingly.
9 years ago
I guess if she stood straight up, she may of had lift off.
9 years ago
Fucking bitch aimed at the camera person
9 years ago
yeah, its a good thing he moved out of the way at the last second or he might'a got some on him
9 years ago
So what fire dept does she work for?
9 years ago
Only rainbow with a pot-hole at the end.
yes I have no avatar..suck it
No not newb, just a lurker.
9 years ago
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