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Milk Factory


.. And then they sell that in vending machines I'm sure...


by yak

submitted December 27th 2009

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My friend wouldn't let me drink her breast milk when she had a kid. Even after I paid for her Clamida medicine! Bitch.
9 years ago
My first wife used to squirt me from across the room. And yes, I did suck on them.
9 years ago
breast milk is nasty :P
9 years ago
It's nectar from the gods.
9 years ago
nectar for pedobear....
9 years ago
It's awesome.. stfu noob
9 years ago
He's never got the oppertunity.
9 years ago
no, its nasty like i said, i've tried it several times and every time is just as gross. btw, what the fuck does breast milk have to do with pedobear you flake?
9 years ago
If it was nasty the first time, why would you go back "several times", idiot.
9 years ago
cause the shit comes out when you suck tit whether you want it or not, and it squirts out when you got milk titties dangling over your face when a chick is riding your dick. stuff i guess you know nothing about
9 years ago
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