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Asian Shit Omlette


Mmmmmm TASTY!


by yak

submitted December 26th 2009

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breakfast @ hanks ladyboy academy is 8am sharp
9 years ago
dont worry asscancer,he'll save you a heeping plate full
9 years ago
Billy May Queer is just pissed he didn't get an invite.
9 years ago
couldn't you have at least done something like:
i mean seriously....

9 years ago
I don't have time this morning to read a giant piss match. Don't be hatin!
9 years ago
What kind of drugs do they do over there?
9 years ago
Tastes like Octopus.
9 years ago
when i asked for browned, thats not what i meant!
9 years ago
is a cheesebug a bug that likes cheese or cheese in the shape of a bug? please explain
9 years ago
lol everyone asks that. it has nothing to do with cheese or bugs, i just squish two words together for me usernames.
9 years ago
disappointing. you need to come up with an interesting story behind it, even something made up sounds better then squishing together two random words
9 years ago
like some giant carnivorous frozen-tundra monster that skims across the great lakes terrorizing boats and scours the state of wisconsin for morsels of aged cheddar
9 years ago
Like cock sucker?
9 years ago
lol maybe thats it ;)
9 years ago
This is the video that first brought me here. Asians have some fucked up fetishes.
7 years ago
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