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Iraqi Love



by yak

submitted December 26th 2009

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muchoworthynot muchoworthy
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"Were" = grammar fail

eh, they're soldiers...what do you expect.
9 years ago
They're only missing an apostrophe. The Bloodhound Gang kind of makes up for it.
9 years ago
ZOMG iraq has 'wmds', lets go send our army at them! Everyone knows the best way to stop wmds is a slow moving ground force. No weapons of mass destruction? Alright, lets 'help' them by blowing up buildings and generally fucking things up only to rebuild it at many times the cost it would cost to build anywhere in the US. Anyone who doesn't see this is a fucking idiot.
9 years ago
Uhhh stfu?
9 years ago
I suggest you take morgue's suggestion, Mr. Bitchbitchwhineandbitch
9 years ago
Nobody follows your suggestions.
9 years ago
haha those faggots. we should help them by turning them into slaves and letting japan or someone who needs land space take over
9 years ago
Wahh wahh wahh
9 years ago
i used to have a goat called spitroast
9 years ago
Not Habeeb's best work. I prefer his earlier stuff.
9 years ago
That Donkey was asking for it
9 years ago
sex ed and drivers training all taught by one donkey.
9 years ago
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