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Crackhead Cribs

It makes me wish I was a crack head...


by yak

submitted December 25th 2009

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Damn shame he needs a 12 gauge wake up call
9 years ago
with a .45 for a snooze button
9 years ago
9 years ago
i hope you're joking
9 years ago
yeah but just keep it between me and you
9 years ago
Damn you Dave Cheppell for motivating this craaaap.
9 years ago
you are one of the dumbest guys i've ever seen on this site..congratulations ..aim high i always say..you're a retard
9 years ago
Ashy Larry from the Dave Chappelle show. Duh! That's who this guy is base on. Ick. I called you "ick" because that's what the girls nick named you in high school. Short for icky.
9 years ago
Wow, this guy is really fucking dumb.

Hey Shithead,"Shithead" is short for "Shut the fuck up, Shithead.", shut the fuck up.
9 years ago
Is this guy....he's faking; right?
9 years ago
That was more painful to watch then the Foam Man Fuck...
9 years ago
Just your typical garden variety nigger.
9 years ago
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