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Worlds Smartest Kid?

... No... just a freak of nature that won't live past its 10th birthday..


by yak

submitted December 25th 2009

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I remember this kid from Star Trek.
8 years ago
I remember this kid from E.T.
8 years ago
I won't remember this kid tomorrow.
8 years ago
I remember him from the hills have eyes.
8 years ago
Best rear window ornament ever.
8 years ago
Making assumptions here but that lady's birth canal must be made out of the same stuff as Stretch Armstrong.
8 years ago
that gives new meaning to the term "fathead"

BTW did you see the legs on that kid?
8 years ago
It's RUBBER JOHNNY! check out his video on youtube..
8 years ago
donde de monster headed failed abortion
8 years ago
Its jimmy neutron!
8 years ago
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