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Cocksucking competition


Who is the champion cocksucker?


by Squidley

submitted December 22nd 2009

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not muchoworthypossum
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Too much effort pandering to the judges. I need a girl to really love me to suck my cock. Im old fashioned like that.

FYI we're all going to die of smallpox.
8 years ago
Wow, that was really touching and personal of you. Now could you take your boyfriends dick out of your ass long enough to quit being such a fag.
FYI: no one gives a shit
8 years ago
Kill the current audio and re-dub it with this:

8 years ago
Not enough clowns or monkeys riding around on the backs of dogs.
8 years ago
"Hey Guys!" How about a big juicy pair of lips on your filthy pee-pee. E-mail me your debit card # and it's as simple as that! Okay? Okay? right! BTW. I'm not a 57 year old man from Montana. 'Kay!
8 years ago
Blonde looks like she's on Meth with that hose suckin speed...we need long and slow gobbles here girls....
8 years ago
How do they win?
8 years ago
ask 11262 , looks like he knows how to suck cock
8 years ago
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