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metal rings


that's one way to stretch your testicles out i suppose... seems kind of archaic though


by DejaVu

submitted December 22nd 2009

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metal  rings
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Nice hat, Joe.
9 years ago
That's some bad hat, Harry.
9 years ago
Hanky has a thing for Joe
9 years ago
Not at all, Fries, not at all. Retardi is a member of my fan club and, once in a while, I feel I should give back to them to show my appreciation for all their kind words.

Retardi, thanks guy, I'll stick my boot in your ass, just like you asked, as soon as my schedule clears up a bit.

Steve, you'll always be my #1 pedofag fan boy. Thanks, dude.

Caine, no idea who you are, but the consideration you showed for me and my family won't go unrewarded. Thanks, fuck you.

Also, I have to mention Clod. A guy that never misses a chance to drop a few choice words about my loved ones. Thanks, buddy. Just drop me an email if you want some advice about how to grow a pair. I'm hear for you man.
9 years ago
Dear Hanky,
There's a girl in my class, that everytime I talk to her, she hits me in my arm. What should I do?
One Armed Andy
9 years ago
Dear Pansy,

Stop talking to her. Wait a couple weeks, and then when noone is around, come up behind her and punch her in the back of the head as hard as you can. When she comes to, you are there to save her and the "other guy" must have just run off. If she's out long enough, try to get a couple of embarrassing pics, your dick laying across her cheek or something like that, in case things don't work out.

Best of luck, Hank

9 years ago
That's sound advice alright.

Yeah, Claude is pretty much a dickhead. dikjob's left-hand pussy.
9 years ago
It's a gay freak thing, right? I mean, no woman could possibly find that attractive...
9 years ago
So how do they hang the curtains ?
9 years ago
9 years ago
Oh I get it. Ure called 'MrFace' and you don't comment other than with textual representations of faces.
9 years ago
9 years ago
still doesnt answer my question though
9 years ago
It's the females that have the curtains.
9 years ago
He's not going to think this is so cool when he get to be my age and has to remember not to sit on his satual everytime he sits down.
9 years ago
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