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Helpless wheelchair guy.


Girl with nice ass fucks the shit out of a guy while a man in a wheelchair looks helplessly on.


by Squidley

submitted December 21st 2009

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thats cruel and unusual punishment for the handicapped
8 years ago
Cruels not handicapped ... he's just stupid
8 years ago
I wonder if he just kinda rolled on in and they just let him stay?
8 years ago
Thanks mute button.
8 years ago
i'd rather die than be a paraplegic
8 years ago
my wife became one, then eventually did die...your point is ?
8 years ago
...just saying...damn.
8 years ago
oh shit, poss, what was the reason? MS?
(Multiple sclerosis, not MuchoSucko, although i'm sure it too has the potential to kill and cripple people- their souls at least.)
8 years ago
8 years ago
for urkle:

"Something harder's coming up
gonna really knock a hole in the wall
gonna hit you bloody hard
make you feel ten feet tall...

(yeah, listen little baby
let me tell you what it's all about)


Roger Taylor
8 years ago
think aboot it urks... punk rock "began" in the early 70's....
8 years ago
Are you trying to say Queen was punk rock?
8 years ago
that's how camy has a threesome...
8 years ago
i suppose this is acceptable cos its a handicapped dude , i bet there would be uproar had it been a black guy
8 years ago
That poor guy, he just had to do the same thing as the rest of us; watch two people have sex.
8 years ago
he cant feel his hands though...
8 years ago
What handicapped guy??
8 years ago
He meant you.
8 years ago
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