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Bathing in Hot Diarrhea


I figured I might as well just call it like it is for this one. Cuz we know you are going to watch it anyway.


by yak

submitted December 19th 2009

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ha ha ha discusting.
8 years ago
I disagree - care to disguss it?
8 years ago
it look like the guy was trying to kill the girl by drowning her.
8 years ago
You would think that..but unbeknown to most people, a little invention has been made and honed over the last 20 or so years.
A little invention I like to call, "acting". Its quite ingenious really, it works on the same principle as 'pretending' or 'fuckwitting about'...
8 years ago
acting is not an invention. acting is female passive racial
8 years ago
Thats a classic right there.
8 years ago
Perfect. I've been stuck on the crapper for 20 minutes
with the squits myself, at least no-one's washing my face
in it...
8 years ago
So that's how they all dye their hair.
8 years ago
At least no turtles were harmed in the making of this video.
8 years ago
Does this still mean she stepped in it?
8 years ago
.. 'Cause that would've been gross
8 years ago
Goddamnit I can't ejaculate until I see her drown.
8 years ago
she likes to be treated like shit, her parents must be proud of what she does.
8 years ago
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