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In Mexico, Drums owns u

aerial Drum rAVE


by fukUgoodNight

submitted December 16th 2009

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i was really hoping for a video of drumrave flying at and smashing into someone
9 years ago
I have a feeling you're going to be swamped with video edits now....
9 years ago
In Soviet Russia, you hit drum!
9 years ago
...Way to fuck that one up, dumbass.
9 years ago
He was suppose to say "Drum hits you", but I think he chocked.
9 years ago
chocked on a huge cock
9 years ago
He looked like he had a gun anyway.
9 years ago
He was carrying a billy club.
9 years ago
HAHAHAHAHA Ive seen this before but it's just as funny the second time. The falls the best part of it.
9 years ago
I love being that close to the band. You can really feel the beat
9 years ago
Hi Tree... Bad puns are not tolerated here, and for that you get nothing! (except this) Good day sir.
9 years ago
You know what man...that was a bad pun. I'll try to hold myself to higher standards in the future.
9 years ago
9 years ago
This one is better.
3 years ago
Did that cop just say...

* Sprinkles puts on sunglasses again *

Gimme a beat!
3 years ago
Oops almost forgot https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6YMPAH67f4o
3 years ago
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