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Eye Remember This Video

... Yeah I went there.


by yak

submitted December 14th 2009

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I want to believe this is fake, but damn, it looks pretty fucking real. I mean if it is fake, how in the hell did they pull it off? I don't see how she could have a fake eyeball that big tucked away in a mask/costume. Unless perhaps she already is missing an eyeball from some other time, and simply had a fake one put in for the purpose of this film? I dunno. What are your guy's opinion?
9 years ago
I have no opinion.
9 years ago
Fake because of the cinematic cut to the legs to demonstrate additional gore.
9 years ago
I'd go with the missing eye idea. It made me a little sick to my stomach at first, but after reading what you just said, Sloppy, I could definately see that as a possiblity.
9 years ago
9 years ago
Now, THAT'S what I'm talkin about.
9 years ago
another night of yak posts.
9 years ago
its all looking egotisical , but dont worry as ive posted some of my stuff today
9 years ago
yeah but it wont be up for like 2 weeks cuz everythings backed up or something.
9 years ago
9 years ago
looked like sweet and sour pork
9 years ago
Ewww!... Ewww! *hurk* yaaaaarghh nasty! *pukes*

No mustard?

9 years ago
I see what you did there, Yak.
9 years ago
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