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Oddball News

More relavent than most news.


by yak

submitted December 14th 2009

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i saw this in bladerunner
9 years ago
I saw this in I'm bored fuck you yak.
9 years ago
9 years ago
keep it up yak, i like wanko being pissed off.
9 years ago
Whats that recipe for them ice box roles again , I need some cheap fireworks for the holidays .
9 years ago
I'd watch the news if it was more like this.
9 years ago
I would like to punch her in her snarky face.
9 years ago
blowed up
9 years ago
Water and shortening is flammable?
9 years ago
Any foodstuff is flammable when I'm cooking it :(
9 years ago
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