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Hotdog Boy

The obvious question you are going to ask is "why would a brain have a heartbeat?"


by yak

submitted December 14th 2009

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it's his thinking cap!
8 years ago
8 years ago
I will not be watching part 2.
8 years ago
I made it to 45 seconds.
8 years ago
Seriously yak, much more alcohol and Bingo. You need a break buddy.
8 years ago
Thank God Yak posts! Get tired of everyone elses lame ass shit!
8 years ago
You must not have seen the other stuff he posted.

P.S. You may wanna wipe your nose.
8 years ago
you make me LAWL...my nose is quite clean boom. I could give two flying bloody shits if yak is admin or not...I like what he posts because I have a liking for dark/dry humor...instead of seeing jap scat and pedo bear every goddamn day. Good to see something new yak! Keep it up! Or for that matter anyone else who can post something different!
8 years ago
So you're saying you like that vid? You might wanna go back to licking windows..
8 years ago
8 years ago
Watch out for the flying cock!!
8 years ago
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