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Fukin dummy


Mr. c ballz i see your fukin dummy (blk devil doll 1984) And raise u Blk devil doll 2008.. Keepin it real.


by fukUgoodNight

submitted December 11th 2009

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He should roll with Woody Milli Vanilli.
9 years ago
9 years ago
I want to see this movie now.
9 years ago
haha not approved by the NAACP
9 years ago
When I was 6-years old my papa bought me a black army man called G.I. Jerome ... He was just like Joe .. Except he raped the mail-carrier and shot a convience store clerk in the head.
9 years ago
I think this ones better, the dummy's actually a little funny and the girls look way better then that jungle bitch.
9 years ago
lol i want to see this movie.
9 years ago
Wearing a Howard 100 T-shirt?
9 years ago
Hey fukU, how about you reword that description? Maybe add a little spelling, grammar, proper punctuation, etc?
9 years ago
And there was no fried chicken...
9 years ago
the narrator is awesome
9 years ago
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