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Norway Light Spiral Galaxy, Wormhole, Black Hole, UFO or Whunu's asshole WTF December 9 2009

Norway 2009 2 days ago


by fukUgoodNight

submitted December 10th 2009

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Congratulations of finding the darkest, least detailed video of that event, fuku.
8 years ago
8 years ago
Russia claimed responsibility for this, they said they were test launching a missile from a submarine in the Baltic Sea and the first stage failed to detach so when the second stage ignited it just spun in a large circle in the sky like a top before falling back into the ocean.
8 years ago
Actually it was a Russian satellite that failed and spun around in circles.
8 years ago
whatever , would like to see some of these fireworks in a location near by .
8 years ago
Either way, what the hell was it doing above Norway
8 years ago
God just flushed the toilet, that's all.
8 years ago
on fuckin all of us
8 years ago
I know some spatted on me.
8 years ago
That was me jerking off when i heard Suge was banned
8 years ago
Well then my friend...you did that prematurely...he's still here under the name Caine
8 years ago
the sky was buffering.
8 years ago
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