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Good clean fun


Crazy Germans


by kildawabits

submitted December 3rd 2009

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I was giggling too by 1:30.
It figures the fat ugly one hadto fart.
I knew it being German that shit was going to be involved.
So that cost like 12,000 dollars?
Couldn't he go to prison and get his ass licked?
And this whole time, I thought it was real!
9 years ago
A Banana? WTF
9 years ago
Poor Hitler is rolling over in his grave
9 years ago
Master Race my ass...
9 years ago
Maybe that was his intentions?
9 years ago
Eat shit and die.
9 years ago
I was misled, the title said good "clean" fun. Wtf is that shit?? Pun intended!! lolololol
9 years ago
Welcome to Mucho.
9 years ago
good thing they didn't step in it
9 years ago
^never gets old
9 years ago
unlike you thats getting older by the day
9 years ago
Why would you ever want to put poo in your mouth?
9 years ago
Better than a cock
9 years ago
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