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..who wants to go first?


by TwoBit

submitted November 29th 2009

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first to what?you sending out e-vites?
8 years ago
That's just fucking hilarious.
8 years ago
i wanna fap on it for days!!!!! Can any 1 tell me the source?
8 years ago
my $gd = shift;
# and draw a cross through the box
my ($x1,$y1,$x2,$y2) = $self->calculate_boundaries(@_);
my $fg = $self->fgcolor;
8 years ago

8 years ago
What the hell-nuts?
8 years ago
I never knew Tory Lane was into bondage.
8 years ago
your knowledge about porn stars is beginning to scare me...
8 years ago
I just assumed they were into anything they were paid to do.
8 years ago
this was pretty hot.

im not usually into the whole latex shit.. but as you all now a Great ass will change a mans Religion.
8 years ago
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