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Mr. Bungle Pink cigarette

Weird ass fan video.


by oograh

submitted November 28th 2009

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Mr. Bungle rules. They need to get back together, and play some festies.
9 years ago
I disagree.
9 years ago
I disagree with the guy who disagrees.
9 years ago
Need more Mike Patton
9 years ago
Fantomas is the only good thing he's done.
9 years ago
Tomahawk is good, so you're incorrect. Faith No More rocked. i never listened to peeping tom. i own a fantomas cd. its alright i geuss.
9 years ago
i saw faith no more at a bar in toronto in the 80s
9 years ago
that's awesome. these tags are to the point
9 years ago
Do people really listen to this?
9 years ago
A lot of Mike Patton's work has a very strange large cult following. I have heard more than a few refer to him as a "god." I don't get it either.
9 years ago
Mr Bungle had a pretty weird sound. What made Mike Patton impressive is his live shows. He has a great vocal range and he pretty much sings his live shows as good if not better than album which you don't really find anymore.
9 years ago
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