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Alcoholic Monkeys

Drunken Monkies...what more do I need to say.


by DjBlitz

submitted November 26th 2009

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Can I buy one of these? If so, dibs on the one at the end.
9 years ago
I do so have to get me one of these.
9 years ago
24 more days till Christmas guys, come on, I deserve it.
9 years ago
*Packs monkey costume and a case of beer.
9 years ago
HEY, Apathy. I thougt VicSin killed you after having sex. Did you guys get married or what?
9 years ago
Nope. to both.
9 years ago
shame.. a Mucho wedding would have been cool and it would be the best one as i cant see that dik getting married anytime soon
9 years ago
Do they play that shitty music there all fucking day?
9 years ago
I don't buy the correlation to humans. I don't see one drunk monkey fucking a fat, ugly, female monkey, none of them are singing karaoke, and not one of them has told all of the other monkeys how much "aye luhv you guysh". I call fake.

And I never saw one fucking monkey when I was there, and I was drinking on that very beach.
9 years ago
I agree, the "they are all alcoholics because of the sugar cane" is bullshit. I'm sure if there was nothing but Coke served, they would be drinking that instead. I bet they are way fucked up though. They don't look like they weigh more than 10 lbs. One drink is the equivalent of 10-20 drinks for them. Talk about ways to impress your friends!
9 years ago
awesome, just awesome
9 years ago
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