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RC Plane Skills

Bad music but that's pretty cool.


by DevilBlunt1989

submitted November 24th 2009

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Repost from about 2 months ago
9 years ago
Prove it or shut the fuck up you piece of shit.
9 years ago
so far pook your 0 for 2 on calling out repost claims, so how bout you just shut the fuck up about it from now on?
9 years ago
I didn't say it was or wasn't you fuckwit, I said for him to fucking prove it. Mako took care of it on his behalf. I prove any of them I point out. How am I 0 for 2?
9 years ago
What's the rule on this...if you call it you're required to provide link? ....Yak?
9 years ago
Because you're a bitch.
9 years ago
can't we all just agree that tits are the greatest thing on earth?
9 years ago
No, cold. We can't.

Sex is the greatest thing on Earth.
9 years ago
9 years ago
Not saying I could do that, but not saying I'd want to either.
9 years ago
it helps to have a plane that can go backwards
9 years ago
This is the portion of the RC show that involves ballet.
9 years ago
I can do better tricks with my rc helicopter.
9 years ago
You should see what I can do with my cock and a can of baked beans.
9 years ago
Didn't know they could fly so slow.
9 years ago
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