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World Concussion Record

He wins


by BigDumbHippy

submitted November 20th 2009

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not muchoworthyMako
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You'd think he'd be the first to attempt a record like that...
9 years ago
american... so not shocked...
9 years ago
Next he'll go after Hank's cocksucking record.
9 years ago
This piece of shit show sucks in any language and that flappy-armed old french slut needs to take her fucking dress off.
9 years ago
Italian ....
9 years ago
dammit 1rish1 - i see you lurking there!

man up mr 19,999 comments, man up
9 years ago
what a pussy. he should have gotten like 3 more tries. you dont quit unless your dead.
9 years ago
He should have head-butted that annoying italian bitch, the fat guy, and the gay announcer.

*new world record
9 years ago
Gerard Depardieu does not approve.
9 years ago
fuckin feriners
9 years ago
9 years ago
I know I can get the record for bangin the shit out of the host many times in a row.
9 years ago
I know I can get the record for lining all these dumbfucks up in a row and seeing how many of their heads I can bash in with a baseball bat.
9 years ago
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