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Sleep Violation


I'm fairly certain if you pinched a girls nipples that hard she would wake up....


by yak

submitted November 12th 2009

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9 years ago
what is the point of jap porn if their blur out the action? it is like watching porn on PBS..
9 years ago
you wanted to see his dick didnt you
9 years ago
this is in saskatoon i can tell
9 years ago
its fake
9 years ago
aaaaaaaaand banned!

boo ya
9 years ago
I used to finger my old girlfriend in Tennessee in her sleep all the time. She only woke up once.
9 years ago
small fingers?
9 years ago
Along with everything else.
9 years ago
I've woken chicks up like that before. It's pretty pleasant for them.
9 years ago
Prove it YAK, we wanna see a video of you pinching Deja's that hard. It would be priceless.
9 years ago
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