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Road Head


Man, that car must have a lot of leg room..


by yak

submitted November 11th 2009

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i love these, even though its rare when i get them stingy betch.
8 years ago
Mila Kunis?
8 years ago
I have a manual so it more like park-then-get-head for me.
8 years ago
I want to fucking punch her in the face every time she does that tongue thing. Did you ever go to a friend "hey scratch my back please i have an itch" and they like a. can't find it or b. use one finger. That pisses me the fuck off!
8 years ago
Thank you Soah. That's a completely useless maneuver. Good that some girls get that.
8 years ago
Yeah the whole stop-start thing kills it!

It's called rhythm bitch! Would YOU be able to cum if I pump really fast for 5 seconds then stop, pull my dick out, slap it against your asshole, put it back in, go really slow for 5 seconds, then fast, the pull out....
8 years ago
Thank you, Soah. Thank you.
8 years ago
soah= knows how to suck a dick good and proper
8 years ago
...I disagree and would like to invite her to prove it.
8 years ago
soah's a chick??? not even the avatar's a chick....smerf's nasty
8 years ago
not very good
8 years ago
she does suck at it but she is hot and hummers while driving are fun and rare so i'd take it
8 years ago
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