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fruit bat gives head

according to research fruit bats are found to fellatio their sexual partner and for ever one second the bat licks the penis it extends sex on average by 6 seconds. Bats that preform fellatio extend sex to an average of 4 minutes, double that of bats that do not preform fellatio. Researches are not sure as to why some bats do this and they have shown about 60% of bats perform fellatio.


by drumrave

submitted November 11th 2009

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14 seconds of faggotry.
9 years ago
Apparently you don't know it's a female and male bat mating.
9 years ago
Vampire bats suck.
9 years ago
9 years ago
I saw this a few weeks ago but I am ashamed to admit it didn't even occur to me to submit it here. I'm slipping.
9 years ago
not really, this was retarded, fitting submission for drummy-tummy.
9 years ago
When did it occur to a group of scientists that they should study bats giving head? AIDs is still out there, right?
9 years ago
eric the fruitbat?
9 years ago
"Ello, I would like to buy a fish license please..."
9 years ago
my halibut eric
9 years ago
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