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Flood again!


by ClaudeBallz

submitted November 10th 2009

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9 years ago
Goddamnit, guy. Fucking seriously.
9 years ago
Uhhh...I guess this is question thread:

a. How did they manage this?
b. How is the power still working?
c. Where is claude in this picture?
d. How deep is that water?
e. The wall on the left is hideous.
f. Why is the a dead body just lazily drifting in the water right next to them?
9 years ago
a. it's the rainy season
b. they hacked the power supply
c. claude is on top of the body
d. looks to be about 8-12 inches
e. it's India
f. he drowned
9 years ago
(Hint: CEEing...is F'd)
9 years ago
That guys not dead he's looking for the remote.
9 years ago
9 years ago
I thought he was washing his hair at first. Then it dawned on me that they don't bathe.
9 years ago
isnt that the black looter from the katrina pics?
9 years ago
lol at Apu
9 years ago
every available space can be used to grow rice
9 years ago
LMAO...Jr get the cat off daddy's dead ass right now!
9 years ago
There's got to be a video somewhere.
9 years ago
Nah, they don't have a vcr.
9 years ago
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