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Happens to me all the time.


Yeah, I wish.


by Mako

submitted November 7th 2009

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I'm surprised at how good janine still looks. She's gettin' up in the years.
8 years ago
'first' would have worked better
8 years ago
I'm wearing your shirt fries.
8 years ago
I don't know if we'll ever see her again, gene...In August 2008, she plead guilty to federal charges of willful failure to pay federal income taxes. She had failed to pay over $200,000 in back taxes and made a down payment on a $647,000 house and bought two new cars despite knowing of her tax debt. She got out of federal prison in July of 2009 and has been in a custody battle for her daughter ever since. At least she can still fuck lol.
8 years ago
You want a taxi driver to throat fuck you under a bridge?
8 years ago
no... i want to be the taxi driver.
8 years ago
who doesnt want to be the taxi driver in this video? dipshit
8 years ago
I'AM the taxi driver, dumbass.
8 years ago
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