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submitted November 3rd 2009

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That looks like great cranberry sauce.
8 years ago
And the duck was born with the full knowledge of the Bene Gessirit and became...THE KWIDUCK HADERACH!!!!!!
8 years ago
Right over my head
8 years ago
It's a reference to Dune. Nicely done. A bit of a stretch, but good.
8 years ago
Frank Herbert is rolling over in his grave right now.
8 years ago
Like all his son's sequels, prequels, and in-betweenquels haven't already done that.
8 years ago
True, but now he's rolling back to face up.
8 years ago
Quaaaaid... Quaaaaaaaid...
8 years ago
That reminds me , where the fuck has Tyrone been ?
8 years ago
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