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'Cutters' - people who cut themselves

a young disturbed girl cuts herself to escape the pain of her troubled life.


by gbst

submitted April 14th 2005

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fuck white people, why don't you try it on your throat, cockmunch.
and she needs to cut deeper, fucking attention seeking whore
12 years ago
What a stupid pathetic cunt. Real cutters finish the job and remove themselves from the gene pool.
12 years ago
Crazy people man. She'd have no problem taking steroids.
12 years ago
CUT DEEPER BITCH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
12 years ago
mmm... i've seen the worst of cutters... unfornatley in a mental hospital :/

12 years ago
The act itself of cutting your skin in order to deal with the numbness and feel alive seems very intimate. You know it's wrong and might be hesitant to engage in your pain ritual because you feel ashamed of what you're about to do because deep inside you know it's wrong, but you're compelled to because it feels right.

So when this kid chose voluntarily to cut herself for the camera knowing that millions were watching, she became nothing more than an attention-craving TV whore putting up a show. Fuck her. Or in the words of coil1002: CUT DEEPER BITCH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PS: Go watch Dans ma peau (In My Skin). Great cutter movie.
12 years ago
i'm addicted to burning myself. cuttings gay. but i like burning. i'll take a fat blunt, and my friend will tell me to put it out on my arm. and i will no hesitations. i'll heat up a liter and press it on my arm. i'll also sometimes do it several times in the same spot. i sometimes burn my nerve endings so i don't feel it. so maybe thats why they dont feel it, they damage theyre nerve endings... but what do i know. im just stupid.
12 years ago
She just needs a good man to choke the shit out of her while she gets rammed.
11 years ago
Forgot about this post ;)
6 years ago
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