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Runner Plow

I think we have the animated gif of this? Anyway pretty funny to watch...


by yak

submitted October 28th 2009

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This is much more effective than back handing a bitch.
9 years ago
He was trying to rape her.
9 years ago
Runner: Ok, 4 years I've been waiting for this moment.

Judge: Ok.. 3..2..1.. Go.

Runner: Go, Go, Go!!!

Dumb Girls Friend: Bitch, move out the lane!

Dumb girl: What did you say Sara?

Dumb Girls Friend: Bitch move!

:: Boom ::
9 years ago
Perfect rendition! A+
9 years ago
this is why women should be nowhere near sports
9 years ago
Now why didn't he try to stop?
9 years ago
Because he was looking down and running, no, sprinting... Have you ever seen those olympic runners? They go quite fast...
9 years ago
Dumb fuck.
9 years ago
go canada!
9 years ago
Score 1 Dennis Rodman.
9 years ago
i was going to say wesley snipes
9 years ago
Wait a minute, this is the future. Where are all the phaser guns?
9 years ago
9 years ago
Simon Phoenix scores another MDK.
9 years ago
My pimp shoulder is strong!! BITCH!!!
9 years ago
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