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Robbery goes wrong when...

religion fucks everything up.


by PatchworkGorilla

submitted October 23rd 2009

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Bummer, his mom's dropped a dime on him.
8 years ago
prayed to the wrong god . . .
8 years ago
Stupid human tricks.
8 years ago
whhaaaa....what a bitch
8 years ago
This is exactly how I ask girls out.
8 years ago
works everytime
8 years ago
may god have mercy on your souls because i wont
8 years ago
his mother sure beat the shit out of him when he came back home.
8 years ago
What a surprise it's a nigger.
8 years ago
what a surprise it's the same comment i've heard literally 500 times before..shut the fuck up
8 years ago
Oooh three years. Woopdie Doo.
8 years ago
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