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Bra Becomes Tool Box

Hammer, Screwdriver, Wrench & Scissors


by kushking2012

submitted October 22nd 2009

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that girls probably got some scars. I personally don't want scissors anywhere near my nipples
9 years ago
Where's the chain saw?
9 years ago
Search her panties!
8 years ago
I have found my future ex wife
9 years ago
I honestly don't believe divorce rates are just slightly over 50%. I'm guessing the Christian powers in this country don't want us to know divorce rates are around 80%.
9 years ago
Chicks always put shit in their bras
9 years ago
Yea like their cellphone and money.
5 years ago
I wonder if she'd like to be my partner at work when I go back?
9 years ago
you work? i thought you were like the rest of us white folk and lived off the government....
9 years ago
I'm white, not wigger.
9 years ago
9 years ago
She only needs room for one tool, the one i have in my pants
9 years ago
You could have stopped that comment at the hyphen.
9 years ago

I shot Mountain Dew out of my nose. That was friggin funny.
9 years ago
Fit a bunch of guns and bullets in those things!
9 years ago
she has the crazy eyes.
9 years ago
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