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3 weeks of the hiccups

That's gotta suck!


by Mako

submitted October 18th 2009

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Fake. They pullin' some bubble boy shit.
9 years ago
I meant balloon boy or whatever the fuck they're calling that stupid ass kid.
9 years ago
they should have had al roker bust in naked and rape the bitch, i'm guessing that would scare the hiccups away: win win
9 years ago
Throat fucking might work. Maybe Keith Urban could give it a shot. Win.
9 years ago
its her own type of sonar
9 years ago
There was some kid in ...Florida I think... who had the hiccups for something like six years. This is nothing.
9 years ago
She should take off her top and start fuckng her mom with a strap-on. That would cure her.
9 years ago
*waits for for the obvious joke*
9 years ago
Does getting fucked with a strap-on cure your hiccups?
9 years ago
Is that the joke you were waiting for?
9 years ago
not funny?
9 years ago
I have the best cure for hiccups.
Hold your breath forever.
Try it next time you get them and let me know if it worked out for you.
9 years ago
tools, that's my technique.

you totally stole that!

but you're right, it works every time.
9 years ago
I'd kick that bitch out of my house.

I'm 100% serious, 0% compassion.
9 years ago
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