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Stupid Loud Mouthed Hillbilly Squirts


here's a bitch from the ass crack part of our country called the South. Skip to 1:55 for the vag or 4:00 for the squirting.


by sgt-scrotum

submitted October 12th 2009

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I'll set myself up for the zinger and admit I only made it to :20
9 years ago
there's something about blue eye shadow that says "easy" but something about the voice that says "we're related"
9 years ago
Catchy music, cute accent, and not a bad looking woman.

9 years ago
she lives about 15min. from where i live.
9 years ago
"hard-headed and strong willed"

*ignorant and stubborn*
9 years ago
She sounds like she's from shreveport, la.
9 years ago
This woman isn't typically southern. Shes a slut. Theres a difference between redneck and country and this woman is obviously a redneck. Shes very attractive though and probably a very good lay.
9 years ago
haha, this chick goes on myfreecams(dot)com and squirts about 10 times a day
9 years ago
The laughing makes me want to choke her till her legs stop kicking.
9 years ago
Wait, she has all her teeth.
9 years ago
description with fast forward advice...love it!!
9 years ago
Uh...5:45...is that a dirty hand print on the ceiling?
9 years ago
I believe it is.
9 years ago
most likely
9 years ago
i loved her gap teeth the most
9 years ago
hah. i love the song from the beginning. boots on by randy houser. but yeah, she's alright. i wouldn't do her.
9 years ago
Butter Face.
it so sad that tits and pussy like that is matched with a face and voice like hers.
prof there is no god!
9 years ago
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