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Giant killer Jap hornets and the crazy little dudes that catch them.


by LdyMorgan

submitted October 12th 2009

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'Filthy gooks and their evil 'Time Machines!'
9 years ago
would be cooler if we could understand them otherwise its just funny babble.
9 years ago
well make something of yourself and learn their language fucktard...
9 years ago
I would rather laugh and mock them.
9 years ago
yea ! u fucktard, lets laugh and mock at them. you guys are awesome !
9 years ago
I would also laugh at you, because your reply makes you look like a fucking idiot.
9 years ago
shut up nacho.
9 years ago
Damn! Nasty little bastards.
9 years ago
Ya, the bees are nasty too.
9 years ago
So its true, they're making a W.A.S.P-bomb!
9 years ago
These are scary fuckers. They're what, 3 inches long, fuck that shit.
9 years ago
So that's how you make a jet pack.
9 years ago
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