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aka grimmis vs lil wayne

lil wayne made a move on me that made grimmis (purple shirt) get mad so dey be battleing it out ohh lawd then MORPH makes a cameo in his ride yea he be cruisin.


by fukUgoodNight

submitted October 10th 2009

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It's Grimace
8 years ago
at mcd's, in da streets its grimmis..
8 years ago
they fight like fuckin girls, it looked like they were slapping each other.
8 years ago
colored people cant fight w/o a gun.
8 years ago
fukin pussies. yall couldnt bring that weak shit to texas. u should prabaly take that down
8 years ago
Well actually this was filmed in houston texas ..shouldnt u be watching stich.
8 years ago
Whats that girlfight shit
8 years ago
If they're clothes actually fit it might be easier to fight...

8 years ago
8 years ago
nice little head stomp at the end
8 years ago
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