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Nothing like a good caning


to bring out the tears


by kildawabits

submitted October 9th 2009

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i really dont think she was enjoying that....

then again i could be wrong
9 years ago
meh, that guy has no technique.
9 years ago
uuugh, german porn!

9 years ago
I'll do that ... Chat/Twitter thing with anyone who will spank my phat PoPo. I spelled fat as phat, in case there are evil-minded negros watching.
9 years ago
9 years ago
I would sure like some translations.
9 years ago
"Spread your legs further" *slap* *cry*

Not much to translate, is it?
9 years ago
I suppose her tormentor can no longer get an erection.
Or perhaps it is her crucifix, that seemingly
connotes she be inflicted with pain.
It is likely the masterful dude confessed
to his priest and his gay mentor advised him so.
9 years ago
If, when presented with a view like that, you would rather hit it with a stick than fuck it there is something very wrong with you.
9 years ago
The fucking comes later :)
9 years ago
that looks painful
9 years ago
yeah, never understood it myself.
9 years ago
Do that man your sexy ass!!!!!!!
9 years ago
Fuck off, learn English, come back, try again.

Then we'll let you know if you're in or not.
9 years ago
*cat toys with mouse*
9 years ago
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