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You Know You Want To...

...do that blondie.


by ClaudeBallz

submitted October 6th 2009

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"Step 1, lose the gun"

Canada has the 8th highest percent of gun ownership.
9 years ago
Yet they don't have kids running around shooting other kids during Social science class.
9 years ago
They don't load their kids up with as many mind-altering prescription drugs.
9 years ago
Kids love mind-altering drugs.
9 years ago
?? shows how much you guys know about canada ,we started the school shootings,remember Marc Lepine?
9 years ago
fap fap
9 years ago
Yes of course I want to do that blonde. She should've been doing naughty things in the video. Otherwise it's no better than a picture.
9 years ago
0:41, that was aboot all i could take, eh.
9 years ago
this could have easily been a porn. im disappointed.
9 years ago
Did they sing "Russia has the wine and cheese"?
9 years ago
tourism ontario eh!
9 years ago
no, i don't want to be canadian, i want to be irish.
9 years ago
i'm already part Irish
9 years ago
Royal Canadian Mounted Niggers.
9 years ago
canadiens, like americans, but thinner
9 years ago
9 years ago
Can we all live at dik's house ?
9 years ago
What house
5 years ago
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