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Military Air Drops

Drop being the key word!


by XxShadowFalconxX

submitted September 30th 2009

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You always leave the packaging to the feds.
9 years ago
I hope that was a test LOL
9 years ago
This is the best engineering they could come up with?
9 years ago
whats with the chinese characters at the bottom of the screen?
9 years ago
just look again closely...dumbass.
9 years ago
though the last one is good, the one at 1:15 (which is repeated) is the best
9 years ago
supprising they havnt killed somone by dropping somthing on them ...o wait
9 years ago
C-130s fucking it up. Looks like combat air drops, done VERY badly. Generally these things go a great deal smoother. Hilarious when equipment and people end up in trees though.
9 years ago
National Guard Drops
9 years ago
9 years ago
9 years ago
Almost as dumb as the box of leaflets dropped by the RAF. It failed to open & spread the information leaflets across an Afghan 'community', instead falling straight to the ground...

...landing on, & killing, a young girl.
9 years ago
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