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Blond and asian girls.


Blond lesbian with a asian lesbial. They look like real gay girls this time.


by Squidley

submitted September 29th 2009

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A vid with Herschel Savage, and you actually think they're "real" lesbians? Dude, get out of your room.
9 years ago
says the guy who knows male porn stars by name.
9 years ago
Totally...'cause I didn't use Google or anything, right?
9 years ago
Herschel was always great comic relief in those 80's fuckflicks
9 years ago
how? did you google his face?

i'm confused.
9 years ago
Google images...search...famous male porn stars 80's...

Let me know if you need any more help navigating the internet.
9 years ago
oh, interposs knows him too.
maybe i'm just too young.

or not interested enough in male porn stars.

9 years ago
WTF is with this 'squidly' shit ? it's as bad as tiffany preston
9 years ago
Thank GOD!!! I hate that stupid tiffany preston whore, bitch, slut, horse face!
9 years ago
do i hear a woof?
9 years ago
I'd like to meet an actual lesbial...
9 years ago
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