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The National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology in Japan has created some robot dinosaurs that can actually walk around. It's no Jurassic Park, in fact the "roars" suck! But hey it beats the shit out of that little white robot thing Honda made.


by Liberalartists

submitted March 27th 2005

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Fuck you jroob!
5 years ago
notice how tr voted on this to maek it look like he was around in '05
5 years ago
5 years ago
He votes on everything. I suspect he is just going down the list by submission IDs... systematically knocking out a few hundred a day.
5 years ago
if only i could get through a hundred a day...
5 years ago
the beauty of the voting is that it lets me know if i've seen something at a glance...
5 years ago
as to the system...if i search for something i look at everything that came up...if i come across an interesting comment i look at everything that user ever submitted...sometimes i pick a random page and look at everything on that page i haven't seen yet...sometimes i go to either the end or beginning of the site (from where i stopped) and work forwards or backwards until i can't take it any more....
5 years ago
An exciting life for sure.
5 years ago
it is like panning for gold...sifting through a bunch of dirt to find the occasional nugget.
5 years ago
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