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Don't forget the acid..


.. It will help you understand


by Rem

submitted September 24th 2009

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muchoworthynot muchoworthy
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i'm not sure if acid would suffice here.
9 years ago
okay Rem - the first thing you got wrong was trying to link "acid" to Sex...there is nothing more asexual than a "good" acid trip, even if "sex" is something that may have happened during the trip...

*Fucks this shit and cues up Furious Pig*
9 years ago
possum you noob
9 years ago
Ok, I have to disagree. Any hallucinogen and sex are invariably linked. Two of the most powerful experiences in the human repertoire go together like donuts and slapping a bitch.
9 years ago
Replies can also be linked
9 years ago
would you believe i'm wearing a tie like that right now?
9 years ago
yes. and i think it suits you.
9 years ago
Would YOU believe my tits are almost as big as the girl with the green hair?
9 years ago
well..seen bigger manboobs on here, so why not.
9 years ago
omg toolman that is so erotic
9 years ago
my, what a lovely tea party
9 years ago
Everybody! Change places!
9 years ago
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