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Drum's giving some makeup tips

pretty sexy...


by Sporty

submitted September 16th 2009

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I didnt expect the end.
9 years ago
Too bad it doesn't make up for the rest of it.
9 years ago
I fucking hate cholo's
9 years ago
Is that what you call her? I call em fat spics. What makes it even better is that she has no idea that she is a fat ugly spic. She probably thinks shes hot shit, barfaroni.
9 years ago
wow it's been a couple weeks but it seems people are still thinking of me
9 years ago
Drumwave is to Mucho as Hitler is to Mel Brooks.
9 years ago
9 years ago
Drumrave is to Mucho as corn is to poo.
9 years ago
Awww, don't be mean to drumrave...
9 years ago
Tough-ass puta shade.. HAHAHAHAHAHA
9 years ago
Why not just hold up a paper plate with eye holes cut out use spray paint?
9 years ago
You've been peeping in my ex-wife's window again, haven't you?
9 years ago
9 years ago
She messed up on the eye-brows. Chola hoes shave that shaved off. Guess real eyebrows don't look as good as the ones hey paint all the way up to their foreheads.
9 years ago
this chick has a bunch of videos on youtube her name is pinkstah
9 years ago
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