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A Romantic Evening At Home


Real Doll (beta version)


by RonT

submitted September 15th 2009

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That fucking whore. She went ass to mouth!
9 years ago
you never go ass to mouth!
9 years ago
this doesn't even look remotely fun.
9 years ago
she needs more air maybe helium so she floats then the dumb ass wont have to hold her up lol ...All Aboard
9 years ago
That's sad.
9 years ago
i hope that bitch came with a patch kit
9 years ago
For the same amount of money he payed for that thing, he could of gotten a real blowjob.
9 years ago
yeah! dent that face!!!
9 years ago
When he was done, he took her out to the pool and floated on her with a martini in hand
9 years ago
0:07 - 0:10 best part!

even dolls shy away from him!
9 years ago
He blew her first.
9 years ago
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