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Wicked Japanese Video

Cool Japanese music video with lots of neat special FX

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submitted January 19th 2004

what do you think? let everyone know!
not muchoworthyMagawd
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thought the music was a bit average to start with, but it quickly grew on me.
the video itself is thoroughly ace.

anyone have any more info on the band and/or director of the vid?
12 years ago
i want to save this video how can i
11 years ago
I think this is the first sub on this site.
1 year ago
No way, dude.
1 year ago
I went through the pages and this was the last one before you get to the -1 subs.
1 year ago
I just wanted to know what was the first thing sub on this site.
1 year ago
Shit was being subbed here back in 03
1 year ago
Just use the wayback machine at this URL

1 year ago
My bad, as far back as 02
1 year ago
There's a lot of stuff sub on this site. I went through a lot until i got to this post then stopped.
1 year ago
Use the link I gave you, you'll love it!

And you'll get to see how mucho looked for me and Nixon and the other vets
1 year ago
Be forewarned it was pretty cheesy looking when it was started
1 year ago
I wish this site still had games to play on here :(
1 year ago
Did you check it out a little?

Even all the comments are archived, all the way back to the beginning.
1 year ago
Sometimes I get a kick out of reading my old ones, and thinking "I can't believe I said that shit"
1 year ago
Yea can't really see some of the stuff that was posted only the comments.
1 year ago
Yeah, the links don't work correctly or in general. No vids archived that I know of, when you click on a pic it won't show. But you can see any pics that where submitted and posted on the timeline and read the comments
1 year ago
you're a 'lota' supid-stinky on this site. i went through a lot of your garbage(subs)...

1 year ago
1 year ago
Go fuck yourself
1 year ago
refresh, dude.
1 year ago

change your avy....you don't deserve it...

1 year ago
My bad
1 year ago
I stfu'ed myself for ya Punky.

1 year ago
I'll be waiting on you to prove whu you are, faggot.

until then...

1 year ago
Anyone remember the adult cartoon "Drawn Together"?

1 year ago
1 year ago
I used to love that show
1 year ago
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