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Finding someone off of mucho to stalk.. Yeah... there's an app for that.


by yak

submitted September 11th 2009

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I'll take it.
9 years ago

9 years ago
iphones are overpriced and a waste of money.. you drop it once and theres hundreds down the drain
9 years ago
it actually costs like a few grand a year for the internet and all that shit on it
9 years ago
What the fuck are you talking about? My monthly plan is right at $100, making it a whopping $1,200 a year. I spend more on booze a year.
9 years ago
u must always be on the phone trying to send more cocks in your ass
9 years ago
for all the shit its $163 a month and almost $2,000 a year, but it doesnt matter its a huge waste of money anyway, especially when that skinny fag comes out with something new every few months and knows all you retards will buy the new one even though you have the old one cause you think "hey! that one has a cool racing stripe, i gotta get it!"
9 years ago
Yep, apple stuff is turning into a bunch of Chinese-made Wal-Mart shit. Two iPhones broke without being dropped and the butch-ass punk at the ATT&T store hassled me about returning them. Little cunt. I use a blackberry now. If Jobs bought an iLiver, and it performs as well as his iPhone, he'll be dead is a week.
9 years ago
The iPhone is the best $250 i ever spent.
9 years ago
The best $250 I ever spent was on three hot Filipino whores in Manilla to simultaneously suck my dick and balls ALL NIGHT LONG. You can keep your iPhone...I'll take the iWhores.
9 years ago
i'm with bartley on this
9 years ago
wow, delux, way to sound like a faggy, technerd douche!!
9 years ago
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