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Parasail Accident

I think you are supposed to be a little more careful with those things...


by yak

submitted September 11th 2009

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i dont think this one is going to "funniest home videos"...it not that funny.
8 years ago
The guy shouting "JEEZ. OMG" made me laugh
8 years ago
The slo-mo is fuckin hilarious.
8 years ago
Hel-LOW... WHERE is the aftermath?!?
8 years ago
The Fan Man Attacks!
8 years ago
it'd still make America's funniest home videos, just put an annoying voice over and make a PG parody of it.
8 years ago
I'm putting money on the FACT that it wasn't an accident. He was an airborne Misanthropist.
8 years ago
i like how he throttled it right as he was coming into the crowd. must have seen a nigger.
8 years ago
8 years ago
I bet the guy he smashed into was his stock broker.
8 years ago
There's this thing called

Getting the FUCK out of the WAY!

Yuppie standing there deserved what he got. What? You can't move laterally?
8 years ago
You could tell he was a yuppie?
8 years ago
8 years ago
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