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I think she needs some practice.


by PublicSecrecy

submitted September 5th 2009

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Sorry, tattoo girl...you've been replaced.
8 years ago
If I recall, you replaced the last hula hoop girl as well... who was better than this.
8 years ago
But claude what about the midget?
8 years ago
You're right Nix, I just get so excited =/

...and yes, Midge was not without charm, but I can't look at a dwarf and not think of Billy Barty.
8 years ago
I looks alot like an area of Az i lived in
8 years ago
you do?
8 years ago
Americas got talent needs more of this.
8 years ago
is that it then ?
8 years ago
8 years ago
Why isn't this bitch naked?
8 years ago
She's just practicing for her life as a stripper in dirty alley located "club" while daddy says "that's my girl everybody."
8 years ago
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