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kid cries blood


by xzekiel

submitted September 1st 2009

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Why the hell was her mom grabbing a bag of crack in her hand?
9 years ago
At 0:55? That's his hand. It's a tissue. You know, to mop of up the blood?
9 years ago
seems to be doing just fine as he is. must make for an awkward period when a girl is trying to break up with him.
9 years ago
"For dry, red eyes, Clear Eyes is awesome! It removes redness and has an ingredient to moisturize. WOW!

The difference is clear, Clear Eyes."
9 years ago
why does everything need to be explained? fuck that let the mystery live
9 years ago
<new orleans accent>
</new orleans accent>
9 years ago
Suki is mine!
9 years ago
What a pussy! Get a cup and start drinking faggot.
9 years ago
such an emo.
9 years ago
stupid emo kids
9 years ago
Whatev' just take more iron.
9 years ago
Fucking attention whore.
9 years ago
Next stop: Bond villain.

Seriously though, he's got an automatic Halloween costume.
9 years ago
If I were him, I'd be more concerned my name was "Calvino" and I owned a Pomeranian.
9 years ago
the most important thing is that he's crying...not what he's crying
9 years ago
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