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special effects



by roozer

submitted August 30th 2009

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Pretty cool
9 years ago
God I miss the olden days of Ray Harryhausen.

Fuck CGI!
9 years ago
harryhausen ruled man, jason and the argonaughts and clash of the titans murder and claymay movie ever.
9 years ago
what a fucked-up attitude. yeah, fuck realism and progress. you think if Harryhausen was born in 1980 he would have done things the same way? how about we go back to black-and-white while we're at it...
9 years ago
wtf, where's 2001: space odyssey?
9 years ago
i second that
9 years ago
how the fuck are you going to make a visual effects list without The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari?? LAME
9 years ago
not to fucking mention MOTHERFUCKING METROPOLIS, right????
9 years ago
dude did you hear they found the end to metropolis recently?
9 years ago
yeah i did, but restoration and scanning will take until mid/ end 2010.
actually that find did create quite a media buzz here (i'm german). the film gets showed rather often in many major cities around here, often with live orchestras providing the score, unfortunately i never went to se it on the big screen, well, maybe someday...
9 years ago
Fucking Tron
9 years ago
TrOn = best special effects, way ahead of its time, awesome way to visualize computer basics.
9 years ago
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